St. Timothy's


The existing building of St. Timothy’s was built in 1965.  Originally, there was a connected building to the north of the present building which housed a Parish Hall, which had opened in 1959.  It was demolished in the early 2000's.

There are two public entrances.  The main (east) entrance is off 145th Street.  This entrance has two small steps spaced a few metres apart between the sidewalk and the door.  There is a doorbell at this entrance.  Step-free access is provided at the south entrance off 84th Ave. 

Main Floor

At the centre of the building on the main floor is the primary worship space, consisting of Nave, Chancel, and Sanctuary.  A Sacristy and small Chapel are accessed from the Chancel.  The main entrance for the Chapel is the 84 Ave entrance.

The 145th Street entrance opens to the area known as the cloister, which is a light filled wide hallway with floor to ceiling glass sliding doors along one side, which open to the Nave of the main worship area.  On the other side, there are floor to ceiling windows, and a door, which open to the Courtyard.  Casual seating with small coffee tables scattered throughout are found in the Cloister, and it is a lovely area for fellowship time with a cup of tea or coffee, or for small group discussions.

The Courtyard is completed by two wings of the building, which also have floor to ceiling windows.  The West Wing houses a small kitchenette, a Boardroom, and an accessible/inclusive washroom.  There is a door from the Boardroom leading to the Courtyard.  The East Wing houses the Parish Offices.  

A long Narthex, or gathering area, is found off the back of the Nave.  From the Narthex, The Nursery and Coatroom are accessed from the Narthex.  The centre of the Narthex also opens to a well-appointed Columbarium.

Lower Lever

The Lower level is accessed by a main stairway and/or an Elevator off the Narthex.   Both open onto a Lobby area where there is a sofa, an accessible/inclusive washroom as well as washrooms with stalls.  Off the Lobby there is a storage wing.

The main room in the lower level is known as Stewart Hall, named for the Rev. Douglas Stewart who was Rector of St. Tim's from 1973-1981.  There is a well appointed kitchen in Stewart Hall.  Tables and chairs are available for set-up in Stewart Hall to accommodate sit down meals and/or meetings. 

Stewart Hall is surrounded by a number of smaller rooms, many of which are exclusively rented to outside organizations.  There is also a playroom open to all.

St. Timothy's Floor Plans revised 10May2024 CLS+ MAIN.pdf
St. Timothy's Floor Plans revised 10May2024 CLS+ BASEMENT.pdf