Our life together is shaped and supported by the time we spend together in worship of God our Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Worship is not something which is “just for Sunday”, we worship in the way we live throughout the week.

At our two main worship services each Sunday (8:30 and 10 am) we celebrate communion. Our main worship is sacramental and liturgical. We pray, hear Scripture, sing, and celebrate the meal which Jesus left to us as a commemoration of his death and resurrection. We experience the transforming love of God, the presence of the risen Christ, and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to live our lives as Jesus’ disciples.

At the 8:30 service we use the Book of Common Prayer. If you are not familiar with it, you can find it online with explanations and commentary, at the Prayer Book Society of Canada. Some excellent resources have also been published by Canadian journalist and author Sue Careless.

At the 10 am service we use the more contemporary Book of Alternative Services. This is our main worship service, with Sunday School, nursery, choir and coffee fellowship after the service. Members of St Timothy’s take an active role in leading and participating in our worship.

In addition to the main Sunday services monthly services are held at Canterbury Court, Lynnwood and the Waterford.

We also worship together in more casual style on Sunday evenings from time to time.