Spring Flower Sale

posted Mar 28, 2017, 9:19 AM by Saint Timothy's   [ updated Nov 30, 2017, 8:50 PM ]
It’s beginning to look a lot like … SPRING! And, that means it’s time to think about getting annuals for your garden. St. Timothy’s can help with that. Once again we are holding a flower sale with plants supplied by Kuhlmann's Greenhouse Garden Market. Orders must be in by May 14, 2017. Plants will be available for pickup at St. Timothy's Anglican Church [8420 - 145 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5R 0T2 (map)   ::  780.483.5506] on Saturday May 27, 2017. You can view pricing and submit your order online here. Please ensure your payment is received by May 14th. 

 Bonanza Mix Marigolds - Jumbo 6 packs, in full bloom
      6-8 in. ht  Mix includes: yellow, orange, bi-color
 TriTunia Mix Petunias - Jumbo 6 packs, in full bloom
       10-12 in. ht Mix includes: blue, pink, red, white, violet, veined/stripes
 Matrix Mix Pansy - Jumbo 6 packs, in full bloom
       8-10 in. ht. Mix includes: blue, rose, red, yellow, white, blotched colors.
 Geraniums in 6 in. size pots: Red, White, Pink, Salmon or Violet only.
 Tuberous Begonias   4 inch size pots
      Red, Rose, Yellow, White, Orange only.
 Trailing Snowflake Bacopa:   4 inch size pots
      White only.
 Sweet Potato Vine:  4 inch size pots
      Lime green or Red
 12 in. Hanging Baskets, blooming, Combinations for sun only.
 $25 Gift Certificates