2016 Spring Gardening Fundraiser

posted Apr 7, 2016, 7:24 PM by Saint Timothy's   [ updated Jan 3, 2017, 12:53 PM ]
Following the success of last years sale, we are pleased to announce that, once again this year, St. Timothy's Anglican Church will be partnering with Kuhlmann's Greenhouse, Garden, Market to offer a variety of annuals (and gift cards) for purchase. Orders must be in by May 8, 2016 and the plants will be available for pickup at St. Timothy's Anglican Church [8420 - 145 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5R 0T2 (map)   ::  780.483.5506] on Saturday May 18, 2016. To order print the Order Form. Please remember to include your payment with your order.

✓ Bonanza Mix Marigolds - Jumbo 6 packs, in full bloom
    6-8 in. ht  Mix includes: yellow, orange, bi-color
✓ TriTunia Mix Petunias - Jumbo 6 packs, in full bloom
    10-12 in. ht Mix includes: blue, pink, red, white, violet, veined/stripes
✓ Matrix Mix Pansy - Jumbo 6 packs, in full bloom
    8-10 in. ht. Mix includes: blue, rose, red, yellow, white, blotched colors.
✓ Geraniums in 6 in. size pots: Red, White, Pink, Salmon or Violet only.
✓ Tuberous Begonias   4 inch size pots
    Red, Rose, Yellow, White, Orange only.
✓ Trailing Snowflake Bacopa:   4 inch size pots
    White only.
✓ Sweet Potato Vine:  4 inch size pots
    Lime green or Red
✓ 12 in. Hanging Baskets, blooming, Combinations for sun only.
✓ $25 Gift Certificates